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About Us

Bio Dough was created to provide all kids, like mine, with the safest, softest stimulating dough they can play with. I started making my dough for my own pleasure and comfort. An escape from all challenges in life. When I decided to take it to the next level I decided to study food more in depth.

I spent around 12 months perfecting the dough, then 2 years of experimentation and testing on packaging, shelf life... I really wanted it to be absolutely perfect before launching. That was so important to me. I am an Interior Architect by Degree and for me, things need to be sound, beautiful and have a purpose. Bio Dough does.

Bio Dough is truly a family affair... my husband and I are responsible for the production, our gorgeous daughter started our social media and filming. Our 3 sons love to share Bio Dough with their friends and neighbours, they are our biggest fans and the best PR team around!

We feel blessed that Bio Dough helps us add joy to kids lives and through our donations to various Children's Charities and hospitals, we are spreading the love and joy further. 

We have a LONG list of things we want to do for our community and within Australia, Bio Dough is not just a business for us, it is a vehicle to give more and help more and to spread happiness.

The big dream is to supply Bio Dough to all Children's hospitals and centers in Australia.

Thank you for supporting us, our beautiful product which is like my 5th child, our family and our dream!



Rana  and Family