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Bio DoUgh Free Printables

Welcome to Bio DoUgh Pocket Sleeves!🌟

At Bio DoUgh, we believe in creating products that not only entertain children but also foster their creativity and learning in a safe and natural way. Our newest innovation, Bio DoUgh Pocket Sleeves, combines the joy of playdough with educational activities in a unique and interactive manner. 🎨

What are Pocket Sleeves? 🚀

Pocket Sleeves are clear plastic sleeves designed for endless Bio DoUgh fun! These sleeves are perfect for on-the-go entertainment, allowing kids to bring their favourite playdough activities wherever they go. Simply print out one of our delightful designs, slip it into the sleeve, and watch as your child's imagination comes to life with 18 colours of Bio DoUgh. 🌈

Why Choose Bio DoUgh Pocket Sleeves? 

  1. Safety First: Our Pocket Sleeves are made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, ensuring a safe and enjoyable play experience for children of all ages. 

  2. Educational Value: We believe in the power of play to inspire learning. That's why we made so many printable activities ready for you to print. All designed to stimulate creativity, imagination, and cognitive development. 

  3. Convenience: With Bio DoUgh Pocket Sleeves, entertainment is always within reach. Whether you're traveling, waiting at a restaurant, or simply spending time at home, our Pocket Sleeves provide hours of entertainment. 

Explore Our Printables: 🖨️

Simply click the links below to download and print your favourite activities:

  • Animals & Bugs: Let your little ones explore the animal kingdom, cute reptiles and bugs with our Animals & Bugs themed printables. 🐾

  • Dinosaurs: Travel back in time and roam with the dinosaurs with our prehistoric-themed printables. 🦕

  • Unicorn & Fairy: Enter a world of magic and enchantment with our whimsical unicorn, fairy and rainbow designs. 🦄🌈

  • Transportation: From cars to trains to boats, our transportation-themed printables will take your child on exciting adventures. 🚂🚤

  • Food: Stir up some fun with our delicious food-themed printables, featuring pizza, cake, and fruits. 🍕🍰🍎

  • Learning: Help your child develop essential skills with our educational printables focused on emotions, dress-up, numbers, counting,  and letter writing. 🔢✏️

Join us in revolutionising playtime with Bio DoUgh Pocket Sleeves – where imagination knows no bounds! ✨