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Welcome to our organic playdough range at Bio Dough, where we encourage safe and fun play with natural playdough that's made with love.

Thanks to our super soft formula and range of colours and scents, our playdough enables sensory play that other toys just can’t compare with.

Browse the playdough range to find out what makes our playdough so unique and fun for kids of all ages.

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Organic Playdough FAQs

What Makes Bio Dough's Organic Playdough Special?

Bio Dough playdough isn’t just made with love, it's designed to be as soft and malleable as possible so children of all ages (even those under five years old) can enjoy its sensory benefits.

With a range of cheerful colours and pleasant scents to choose from, our Bio Dough collection of organic playdough offers a fun palette of sensory play for kids. All the ingredients are homemade, and organic with no trace chemicals that can harm sensitive skin, and the playdough is entirely safe for children.

With easy-to-store solutions that last longer than other playdoughs (and makes less mess) Bio Dough is the perfect playdough for kids of all ages.

Do You Offer Playdough Products Suitable For Toddlers?

Whilst Bio Dough is suitable for children under five years of age, we recommend toddlers should be over two years old when playing with it. Bio Dough contains no harmful ingredients for children.

However, young toddlers often explore the world by putting objects in their mouths. There's a chance that they might try to swallow the playdough, which can be a potential choking risk and is not meant for consumption. For that reason, we do not recommend Bio Dough for children under two years old.

Can I Find Playdough Toys To Complement My Child's Playdough Experience?

Our figurines have a wide array of fun shapes, faces and kooky creations for kids to enjoy. These are fun for adding onto existing playdough or starting from scratch and are also available in oodles of colours.

Our accessories range from mats to containers and cookie-cutter shapes that make playdough playtime even more creative. Let your kid's imagination run wild and morph, fold and safely cut up playdough into any shape.

Are Your Playdoughs Non-toxic And Safe For Kids?

Bio Dough is recommended for kids above two years old, but the ingredients are completely non-toxic and safe for kids of all ages.

Our organic playdough does contain wheat, so do not allow children with gluten sensitivities to use it.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Playdough For Kids' Development?

Tactile and Sensory Exploration
Playdough has a unique texture that can be both soft and firm. Playing with it provides children with sensory input that is calming and can also help them understand their developing senses.

Cognitive Skills
When children play with our playdough, they often engage in pretend play (e.g. making a playdough pizza or a playdough person). This type of play enhances cognitive skills such as problem-solving, planning, and understanding cause and effect.

Creativity and Imagination
Children can create anything they imagine with playdough, from simple shapes to elaborate scenes and environments. This open-ended and malleable material allows them to express their creativity freely during playtime. An active imagination can lead to greater creativity, so if you want to support your little artist or builder, now is the time to introduce creative play.

Can I Find Scented And Colourful Playdough In Your Collection?

We have a range of lovely colours and smells in our organic playdough range for your little ones to enjoy as they play.

Our marvellous Bio Dough bundles come with such colours and scents as:

Smells just the beachside coconuts you would find growing on a palm tree.

A playdate at the carnival, with the scent of freshly made fairy floss.

A sweet smell of the summertime strawberries growing in the fields.

The appealing citrus-punch smell of juicy oranges.

A popular sunshine fruit, this pineapple smell stays tangy and golden.

The refreshing aroma of lime, a fruit-scent your little one may not have explored yet.

The all-natural scent of freshly-picked blueberries.

A bouquet of smells that brings to mind the scent of lavender.

No nasty thorns in this playdough, just the enduring scent of blackberries.

Do You Provide Gift Options For Playdough Enthusiasts?

Of course! All our bundles include our uniquely scented and brightly coloured playdoughs as well as fun tools and accessories for extra creativity.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for kids in time for the holidays, our Christmas Bundle offers endless hours of fun time during the busy season. It's a great chance to keep the little ones quiet and engaged, so you can get the cooking and other prezzies ready.

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